Pinners California February 4-5, 2022
Overland Park Convention Center
Fri 10am - 8pm | Sat 9am - 7pm
Home Depot

Exhibitor Information

Overland Park Convention Center, Overland Park, Kansas

All exhibitor information is listed below, but please feel free to call us anytime at 801.822.1333 with questions.

Show Supplier/Decorator

We have not selected a decorator/supplier yet, but when we do we will put all the information and an Exhibitor Kit right here. You can supply your own booth items. Your booth is simply your space with black pipe and drape (8' back wall and 3' sides) and the decorator can supply everything else except internet connections (the convention center). Many commonly ordered items include draped tables, chairs, carpet and displays.
* Material handing fees are expensive. Be sure to know the costs before you ship or receive anything on site at the show.


Internet (wired or wireless) is available solely through the Convention Center. Contact & ordering information coming soon. Presenters may also need to arrange internet for presentations.


Electricity is usually set up through the Convention Center and goes for around $95 per show. Info coming soon.

Booth Design Rules

We are fortunate in Kansas to not have a lot of set-up and design regulations. Here are a few show rules:
* All booth amenities must be within the allotted space (nothing in the aisles) unless pre-approved.
* Anything deemed unsafe in the opinion of the show organizer (such as tipping hazards) will be required to change.
* Solid side walls on your booth may not extend farther than halfway to the front of the booth. This is so we don't block the view to each other as visitors walk down the aisle. Some shows have designated "full wall" booth areas.
* The provided drape rods will support normal banners but in general are not to be used as booth support.
* Please do not hand out helium balloons and use in decor must be (begrudgingly:) approved.

Parking and trailer parking

Parking is good at OPCC and free in many lots. Trailers will have designated spots available to park and we will post a map for you to see here soon.


You may choose your shipping company, use the decorator or call us for more suggestions. Once delivered to Overland Park, fees for handling your materials can be expensive.

Material Handling

Advanced shipping and/or material handling can be coordinated through our supplier. There are extra fees for this service.

Set-Up | Take-Down

Set-up is Thursday, February 3rd between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Call or e-mail for early set-up options if necessary.

Take-down is anytime after 7 p.m. (to 11 p.m.) on Saturday evening. No early take downs please!

Class passes

We will give each exhibiting business a class punch card good for 2 classes each day of the show if you'd like to attend. You can personally use or pass around this card to your workers as you wish. These are passes for the 'stand-by' line and do not include kits. Class passes above these two classes each day will need to be purchased.

Promo Codes

If you would like a custom promo code that you can give to friends and followers for 1/2 price general admission tickets online, please request it here.


You can find information about our great 2022 host hotels (the connected Sheraton) by following this link. Make sure to book through the link to receive our Pinners rate. Or if calling in, make sure to mention the Pinners Room Block in order to get our rate.

VIP Giveaways & Swag

Giveaways: This is a great way to get exposure at VIP night. We will be having some fun activities for our attendees to earn raffle tickets by competing. We will be drawing raffle tickets and announcing the giveaways and winners towards the end of the party.

Swag: Contributing an item to the swag bag is an opportunity to get your brand and products even more exposure to this amazing audience (please no coupons or flyers). The Thursday before the show begins (after setup) we host a VIP party for our most loyal attendees, local bloggers and trendy influencers. Each VIP attendee will receive a SWAG BAG that you can contribute to for free! You will need to bring 300 items with you to setup Thursday morning, and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you'd like to participate, please contact Darienne (801.822.1333) or e-mail her here.

Food and Temporary Food Permit Questions

We do anticipate being allowed to distribute food at our event. Anything other than candy bowls need to be approved by the OPCC. We will post a link to the application soon. When approved, you will also need to check with the county Health Department to find out if you need a temporary food handlers permit. Some foods do, some foods don't. We will also post help for that process here. Even if you are a current food handler, you may need a temporary permit for the show.

Tax Information

The state of Kansas does have tax considerations for show exhibitors. Details will be posted before the event here.

Pinners Marketing

We are proud that we do extensive marketing for Pinners Conference. It includes a media-wide campaign including TV, freeway billboards & city signage, cooperative ticket distribution businesses, national DIY and craft organizations including Michaels, women's group email campaigns, state-wide print promotion and of course many of the nation's most popular bloggers, electronic media and social medias.


Booth space is available by contacting Pinners at 801.822.1333. Booths are 10' x 10' and 8' x 10' and generally run $799. Bennett Events is a leader in connecting businesses with their custom audience.

2021 Pinners Conference Information

To download a Information kit for potential exhibitors in Kansas, click here.

Exhibitor Packet (supplier/decorator)

Check back here to download an Exhibitor Packet from our supplier.

Trade shows are consistently the #1 marketing return on investment among all options.

Please promote the show and your cool business with the graphics below. Thanks!

If you need graphics to help you promote the show, please click for a higher resolution version. Then drag & drop to your desktop.